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Science serving Business

Our goal is to recognise the value of data assets, to exploit the information they contain using statistical methods, and to put that to use for business purposes. Our primary focus includes forecasting and optimisation.


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In our consultancy operations we can show, on the one hand, how available data can be processed and how the information that is produced can be presented.

Data Management

We consider ourselves fortunate at Planimeter since asserting the criteria of data management and statistical processing is well-balanced in all our projects.

Data Science

Data analysis and predictive modelling can help companies manage customer data and sales processes, as well as customer support, more efficiently.


Can you imagine a car without a dashboard? Would you dare speed on the motorway without knowing your velocity, coolant temperature or the amount of fuel available? 

Enhancement of Excel capabilities

R can easily take data from Excel and any modelling task can be performed in R without any restrictions.

We have been providing business / artificial intelligence (BI/AI) solutions for 25 years.

We could participate in 1200+ projects with 500+ clients in 22 countries so far.

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Digital Training System
Business Planning
Call Center Call Optimisation
Cashflow Forecasting
Automated Reporting
Customized Google Analytics

Review our successes over the past 25 years.

A worldwide service provider

Valamikor 2002 körül elkezdtünk egy web-alapú e-learning rendszert fejleszteni – magunknak. The system was intended to support successful preparation for audits. This is the system that we were planning to use for providing training on our standardisation procedures and documenting our training processes.

The investment to cut costs 

There is vast potential for savings in optimising production processes. Planning has to be conducted in any event (having regard to, for example, available warehouse inventory), so why not make planning optimised for all resources used?

What will our current account balance be on the 10th of November?

For stores or store networks conducting a large number of daily atomic financial transactions (purchases), forecasting the cashflow situation is difficult.

The report is wrong again!

Operational systems can obviously provide up-to-date (or real-time) information related to the processes we have. However, from time to time snapshots are needed, for example, to meet data needs for accounting.


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